Bike stands and scooter racks for hospitals and medical centers

Hospitals and Medical Centers

Do you want to have a space where you can park your bikes in your center? Do you want to make better use of existing spaces to park bikes or scooters? Install bike stands and park scooters safely and comfortably.

Discover Itabona solutions for your medical center.

Itabona bike stand

Bike protection and safety

Itabona scooter rack

Scooter protection and safety

Itabona Skateboard Stand

Skate protection and safety

Advantages of Itabona bike stands, scooter and skateboard racks

Icono seguridad


The material, design, anchorage and adaptability to where it can be installed make it suitable to prevent theft or vandalism.

Icono polivalencia


Can house any bike, scooter or skateboard, type and dimension, and can be locked with the most common of locks.

Icono accesibilidad


Can be placed anywhere in your city.

Icono ubicación


Can be placed in busy areas.

Icono estabilidad


Bicycles, scooters or skateboards remain supported by the racks without the need to use their own support. The racks have no elements that can damage them.

Icono comodidad

User comfort

Comfortable for users, with enough space to make manoeuvres, without the risk of damage and without the need to make great effort.

Icono estética


It offers an integrated design into the urban and architectural environment, trustworthy, making parking appealing.

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