Do you want to park your scooter
safely, quickly and easily?

Just with a simple padlock

quickly and easily

Advantages of Itabona Scooter Rack


Supports 10 or 15 scooters perpendicularly parked.


Manufactured in stainless steel.


Manual or electric to recharge your scooter.


Possibility of locking with a padlock.
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In-house and patented design.


Acquired by different institutions and groups throughout Spain.

Discover the Itabona Scooter rack

The best protection for your scooter

With the Itabona scooter rack you will have the complete solution you need to create a safe and sustainable experience for your users.

Urban – Smart city

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Neighbourhood communities

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Tourist interest

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Schools, colleges and universities

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Railway and bus stations

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Hospitals and Medical Centers

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Official buildings

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Offices and Work Centers

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Ski resorts

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Gyms and shopping malls

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Institutions that already trust Itabona's urban mobility solutions

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